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Busworld Foundation calls on the industry to create a better dialogue with COP policy makers

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

A delegation of Busworld Foundation attended the Transport Day at COP26 - the 26th United Nations climate change conference that brings together almost every country on earth called 'Conference of the Parties' - in Glasgow on November 10th last week and came to the conclusion that there was a significant lack of collective passenger transport by road sessions in the programme. Clearly it could and should be higher on the COP agenda. This is an important opportunity for the bus and coach sector. The focus of the conference was set on clean energy production and the decrease of energy consumption. In general the results of COP26 can be summarized as positive but insufficient. Maybe the bus and coach industry can help to open up the ivory tower?

The industry was absent in the event – generally this is the case in any event of this kind - and this is exactly where the opportunity lies. At the 21st COP in Paris in 2015, also known as the ‘Paris Agreement’, it was concluded that the involvement of the private sector in reaching the sustainable development goals was necessary and to be increased. To make the right decisions, policy makers should be better informed about the practical solutions. And since bus and coach are an essential part of the solution to reduce the 17% of GHG-emissions coming from passenger transport, this sector has an important role to play.

Therefore Busworld Foundation wants to invite its network and wants to facilitate the voice of the industry. Together policy makers can be educated about the technological and financial efforts that are being made by bus operators and manufacturers. They have to understand that this industry can eliminate emissions coming from collective passenger transport and is the answer to resolve congestion problems.

The economic feasibility of this solution lays in the increase of ridership - moving people from their cars towards collective transport modes - , which can strongly be influenced by simple incentives provided by adequate policies. Policymakers need the industry and the industry needs the policymakers. Only together the mutual goal can be achieved: to have a liveable planet for our children and grandchildren.

During COP26, Busworld Foundation was granted the Observer Status in the Conference of the Parties, valid for all future COP’s. This status allows Busworld Foundation to access the negotiations and to take initiatives in preparative events for the upcoming COPs.

Busworld Foundation will continue its efforts to convince all industry stakeholders to take part in this collaboration. Both operator federations as well as the manufacturing bus and coach industry players are called upon.

No time to waste!

Interested to join us? Contact We are happy to connect and speak as one voice.

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